Ax 2012 Service Level Agreements

Ax 2012 Service Level Agreements

If you`re an organization that relies heavily on your AX 2012 system, then you need to have a service level agreement (SLA) in place. An SLA is a formal contract that outlines the level of service that a customer can expect from a provider. In this case, an AX 2012 SLA specifies the level of support and maintenance that a Microsoft partner will provide for your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system.

The following are some key components that should be included in an AX 2012 SLA:

1. Service availability: This sets out the uptime guarantee, which is the amount of time that your AX 2012 system will be available for use. Make sure you specify the percentage of uptime you need, and what counts as downtime.

2. Response time: This sets out the maximum time that the provider has to respond to any issues you report. Make sure the response time specified in the SLA is reasonable and matches your business needs.

3. Escalation process: This outlines the steps that will be taken if there are any critical issues that need to be resolved urgently. It should specify who will be contacted and what action they will take.

4. Maintenance schedule: This outlines when scheduled maintenance will be performed on your AX 2012 system, and how long it will take. It`s important to make sure this is done during off-peak hours, so as not to impact business operations.

5. Performance guarantees: This sets out the level of system performance you can expect, such as response times for various processes. The provider should have a mechanism to monitor performance and ensure it meets the agreed-upon standards.

Having an AX 2012 SLA in place is crucial to ensure that you receive the level of support and maintenance needed to keep your ERP system running smoothly. It`s important to work with a reputable provider who has extensive experience in providing SLAs for AX 2012, and who is willing to work with you to tailor an SLA that meets your specific business needs.

In conclusion, an AX 2012 SLA is a critical document that outlines the level of support and maintenance you can expect for your ERP system. Make sure it includes all the necessary components, and work closely with your provider to ensure it meets your business needs. With the right AX 2012 SLA in place, you can rest assured that your ERP system will remain operational and support your business goals.

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